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HealthLight expands to include blue light therapy for chiropractors

HealthLight is now offering the 180 Long Pad Tricolor (blue, red, and infrared), the 132 Medium Pad Blue/Infrared, and the 264 Large Pad Blue/Infrared to chiropractors.

These blue light products are available in both our light therapy lines: the Express At Home Line and the Clinical Line. The company’s products are expertly designed to provide pain relief, increased circulation, relaxation of muscles, relief from muscle spasms, and relief from aches/stiffness caused by arthritis.

Our light therapy pads emit blue, red, and near-infrared light which penetrate into the body and produce a cascade of positive effects within living tissue.

Our clinical therapy products allows for multiple patients to be treated at once in a single treatment cycle. Our clinical pads can be used with either a 3- or 6-port controller. Each controller powers up to 3 or 6 devices respectively.

Our express therapy products provide clinical performance cleared for over the counter and consumer use. All express therapy pads come with the express controller that has an easy one-button control. It automatically turns the pad off after 20 minutes of use.

Your practice can save time and money by sending patients home with their own pad. All Express At-Home products are engineered to allow patients treatment at an affordable cost in the comfort of their homes. All HealthLight products can be drop shipped to your office or directly to your patients.

HealthLight provides light therapy pads of all sizes that can fit any part of the body. We’ve also created specialty pads that focus on certain parts of the body including our Foot & Ankle Pad, Foot & Calf Pad, and our Face Mask. Our Face Mask comes in blue and red light and can be applied directly over the eyes.

HealthLight’s medical grade products are designed to be sold through chiropractic offices and cannot be purchased on Amazon or any other third-party platform. Quantity discounts are available.

We offer full marketing support to you. Our marketing team has been busy creating brochures, videos, posters and infographics to help communicate with your patients.

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