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Target EHR automation to supercharge your marketing

Target EHR (electronic health records) systems automation to save you and your staff time and to take advantage of the latest tech innovations...

Target EHR (electronic health records) systems automation to save you and your staff time and to take advantage of the latest tech innovations

When your days are packed with seeing patients, updating their charts, and handling all of the other aspects of your chiropractic business, it’s easy to let marketing slide. Other, more important tasks take precedence, leaving you little time (and energy) to reach out to others in your community to get them in your door. This is where you need to target EHR (electronic health records) systems automation.

Target EHR automation for content marketing

Regularly marketing your services instead of sporadically offers your business benefits above the competition. If you engage in content marketing, for instance — which involves posting blogs, articles, and e-books designed to educate or inform — you improve your visibility while strengthening your online relationships. This can increase loyalty and trust not only with your current patients, but also with those who are considering your services. But you also need to get that content “out there.”

How do you get the benefits of marketing without having to carve more time out of your already busy day? You automate your campaigns.

Automated marketing benefits

Automating your marketing campaigns to target EHR automation enables you to continue to grow your business even on days when you’re already working sun-up to sun-down. This helps reduce the “feast or famine” roller coaster that many small-business owners face because new prospects are continuously walking through your door.

Setting your marketing up so it works without any input from you also enables you to take time off and still look after your business. Vacations become easier to take since you’re not making a choice between your welfare and your family. You’re able to do both, and your EHR should be capable of helping with this process.

Using your EHR for more seamless marketing

Choosing an EHR that offers automated marketing tools allows you to record important patient and business data in the same system that also promotes your business. This prevents you from having to learn multiple software programs, which also reduces the amount of time required to create your campaigns because the contact information is already there.

What type of EHR features can make your marketing more seamless and effortless on your part? Here are a few to consider.

An automated prompt for reviews

A 2019 BrightLocal Survey found that 86% of consumers go online to read reviews before choosing a local business. Additionally, 91% of young consumers trust these reviews as much as they do recommendations from family and friends.

One way to increase the likelihood that satisfied patients will take the time to review your chiropractic practice is to simply ask for the referral. Set up your EHR to do this automatically and they will essentially do your marketing for you.

The ability to market customized promotions

Regularly promoting your business via can’t-be-beat promotions is a great way to entice current patrons to keep their appointments while also making you more appealing to those not already on your patient list. For maximum flexibility, target EHR automation that enables you to customize your promotions.

For instance, maybe you lower your prices for a certain time or for specific services, making them more enticing. Another option is to create a promotion that benefits the community, such as donating a portion of your product sales to a local charity for a limited time. The fact that you’re looking after those around you inspires loyalty and a desire to do business with you.

Sending special offers to past patients

Another helpful EHR feature is the ability to reengage inactive patients. The nice thing about reaching out to past patients is that you don’t have to spend as much time educating them about chiropractic because you’ve already done this. Instead, your goal is to remind them of the value of regular adjustments, perhaps through offering special deals if they come back.

Some health care professionals make the mistake of assuming that once a patient leaves they’ll never return. However, that isn’t always the case. Maybe they quit coming because they started to feel better, yet they’ve noticed that the pain is beginning to return. Reminding these individuals that you’re there to help can encourage them to make their next appointment.

Automated messages for special events

Even if you aren’t big on celebrating your birthday or other special events, getting a message from family and friends in honor of this day can put a smile on your face. So too can a message from your health care provider.

By choosing an EHR that enables you to send automated birthday greetings and special holiday messages, you’re telling your patients that they are more like a family member or friend than a patient. So, when they hear their loved ones talk about experiencing back pain or having some other type of musculoskeletal issue, they’ll be more likely to refer them to you. It is also a great way to offer promotions or discounts.

The more effortless you make your marketing, the easier it becomes to keep new and current patients walking through your door. And using your EHR automation to assist with this process is even better since it’s a program you already use and are familiar with. It’s liking having the best of both worlds.

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