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Foot Levelers announces COVID-19 crisis webcasts, note from CEO

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In addressing the COVID-19 crisis, Foot Levelers has announced two new webcasts for doctors of chiropractic, new webinars, and shared a letter and video from CEO Kent S. Greenawalt who addresses the coronavirus health crisis.

The two new webcasts are:

March 31, 11am EST — How DC’s can Survive and Thrive in the COVID-19 Era!

Kevin Wong, DC, who owns and operates a practice in Orinda, Calif., will provide tips on continuing to provide care and orthotics while the world is social distancing.

April 1, 1pm EST — Brush Up on the Basics: Maximizing social media during social distancing

Foot Levelers’ Carrie Rimstad will provide tips on how to communicate with patients using social media and other platforms during social distancing.

Foot Levelers is also increasing the number of webinars during this time, with the following upcoming in March-April:

March 26 — The Sports Medicine Team and Your Role in Caring for the Student Athlete
March 31 — Patho-anatomy of the Foot: A Chiropractic Approach
April 2 — Lower Extremity Biomechanics and the Management of Common Lower Extremity Injuries
April 7 — The Over Trained Youth Athlete
April 9 — What a Pain in the Rear! Understanding the Hip, Sacroiliac and Low Back Connection
April 14 — The Neurology of Posture
April 16 — Crooked Man and Fascia
April 30 — Spondylolysis in the Athlete

For more information or to register for webcasts or webinars go to

“In these times of uncertainty, please trust our steadfast commitment to you and your health providers remains unchanged,” Greenawalt said in a release this week. “Those elements of what we do which are unchanging and fall under the category of ‘ideals:’ integrity, commitment to service, and impeccable quality of product. Ideals aren’t subject to change. They’re the anchors of our lives — both personal and professional — which can keep us from crashing against the rocks during storms of confusion and despair.

“We will get through this together. Thanks for letting us be part of your practice.”

To read the full statement or watch the video go to

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