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Chiropractic social expert shares tips for getting leads on Facebook

Keep your practice top-of-mind for patients and other tips for getting leads on Facebook, be it paid or organic ads, courting groups and other...

Keep your practice top-of-mind for patients and other tips for getting leads on Facebook

Social media is one of the best places to build your brand and attract more patients.

Tristan Schaub, co-founder of ChiroSushi & Katana (the “#1 Patient Relationship Platform”), took time to answer our questions about how to generate chiropractic leads (both paid and unpaid) with Facebook.

What do chiropractors need to do for getting leads on Facebook? Should they begin with unpaid Facebook posts?

First, they need to know their intent with any post — either paid or organic. Is it Top of Mind Advertising (TOMA) or list building (emails/followers)? Most likely, the focus is conversions, but Facebook isn’t built like Google. Facebook is still dollar-for-dollar the best platform for TOMA and list building.

The chiropractors’ focus on Facebook should be creating and building “Groups.” Higher engagement and reach occurs in groups and is a focus of Facebook. The second area should be paid ads.

Should they do these posts on their own personal FB pages or on their business pages? Or both?  

Both. But keep both pages entertaining and “spam free.” I was guilty of previously telling doctors to not “friend” their patients on Facebook. But the number one thing humans desire in relationships is appreciation. Being friends with their patients allows them to show appreciation in the purest sense — with a “like!” 

How do DCs determine what to post about, and how often? When should they move to paid FB posts? Can they/should they do paid and unpaid posts at the same time? Should the posts themselves or even the topics be completely different?

I would follow Google trends and other tools that show what their target market is searching. We know social leads to search and vice versa. So running out of content ideas should never happen. 

Knowing their target market and ideal client will make it super easy to know what and when to post. Because it’s not about you, the provider — it’s about them.

For getting leads on Facebook, a paid FB post or ad campaign should follow the rationale of:

  • Do we have a budget? 
  • Do we have a goal?
  • Do we have a strategy?
  • How are we measuring KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)? 

If an organic post is measuring a 10% or higher engagement rate, I would suggest converting that into a paid post or campaign. Paid and unpaid can be done at same time.

Most chiropractors should have a maximum of four campaigns at the same time — each a different intent (TOMA, list building, conversion, referrals) or one major campaign that focuses on all at the same time.

Suppose the DC doesn’t think s/he has the skills for getting leads on Facebook or doing FB posts. Should they hire someone? Where can they find someone to do this for them?  

Yes, they should hire in most cases, but be educated enough to know what they are investing in and how to quantify a return. 

The person or agency they hire should have references, some form of risk reversal, and their own vetting process. They should also have a track record with copywriting, as this will become more important with saturated ad markets.

Finally, they should be risk takers just like chiropractors!

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