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Free ‘Calm Campaign’ for Chiropractors to Engage Patients

The free Calm Campaign has been introduced for chiropractors as a public service campaign for health care practices to stay active, stay engaged, and demonstrate leadership during these turbulent times.

“We’ve created a brand new Calm Campaign for you to share with your practice’s social networks which highlight the best, research-backed ways your health tribe can stay calm and healthy in the coming weeks,” says Jeff Langmaid, DC, founder and owner of The Evidence Based Chiropractor, a research-based marketing and practice growth company. “Our unique perspective of trusting the body’s innate ability to heal itself has never been so important to teach our family, friends, patients, neighbors, and community.

“People are very confused and even scared of what’s happening right now. The most important thing to remind people is not to panic but to stay calm. Your patients still need you — and now is the time to step up.”

The Calm Campaign, free to chiropractors, includes a series of videos, emails, presentations, and social graphics to stay in touch with clients and the community to support practices during the COVID-19 virus.

“Authenticity has an element of imperfection,” Langmaid says. “And right now, there’s no such thing as the perfect move, so don’t try to make it. Aim yourself towards the things that make you proud of yourself, your practice, and your people. It’s time to pivot, take action, and lead your community by inviting your health tribe to discover how they can take action to stay as healthy as possible.”

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