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Benefits of a chiropractic roller table for your practice

A chiropractic roller table can provide a great deal of benefit for many patients while also alleviating the down-time for patients...

A chiropractic roller table can provide a great deal of benefit for many patients

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), chiropractic and massage therapy are two of the most popular types of complementary medicine among Americans.1 According to a NCCIH 2012 survey updated in 2017, almost 9% of people accessed chiropractic care, while 7% used massage therapy.

As a result, some DCs have incorporated massage therapy into their chiropractic practice. For DCs in a solo practice, a massage roller table might be a good option.  

Warm-up prior to treatment

Standard medical guidelines are now suggesting that treatment for back or neck pain should first start with noninvasive treatments such as massage and chiropractic.2 A massage roller table can provide chiropractic patients with the benefits of both treatments.

One such benefit from using a massage roller table prior to any chiropractic adjustment for back or neck pain is that it can help loosen up tight muscles beforehand. This will not only make it easier for the adjustment to be performed, but also be less stressful for the patient and help the vertebrae hold their correct alignment in place for a longer period of time.

Effective use of patient visit times

In addition to getting patients’ muscles warmed up prior to a spinal adjustment, massage roller tables can also help you make the most of each patient visit. In many cases, once an exam room frees up, a patient can wait there for 10 or more minutes until you are ready to see them. Wouldn’t it make more sense to instead have your chiropractic assistant set the patient up on a massage roller table for those 10 minutes?

This not only serves to loosen up the patient’s back, but prevents them from feeling as though they have been neglected alone in an empty examination room. Overall, setting your patients up on a massage table makes for a much more effective use of their visit.

Additional features

Some massage roller tables come with extra features that can provide additional therapeutic benefits. These can include infrared heating or vibration to further improve blood circulation.

Other models may feature rods or rollers that can lift and separate areas of the spine, in a manner similar to intersegmental traction tables. A massage roller table with such features can allow you to expand the services you can offer to your patients without having to cut into your bottom line by purchasing a separate intersegmental traction table.

A massage roller table may not be appropriate for all patients, particularly for those who are recovering from surgery or experiencing acute pain. However, such a table can provide a great deal of benefit for many patients, while also helping you improve your bottom line.


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