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Standard Process celebrates 90th anniversary

Process is celebrating our 90th Anniversary in 2019. During the
year, we will recognize this important milestone by highlighting our commitment
to advancing health care and changing lives through whole food nutrition.

It is my distinct
honor to share with you that Standard Process continues to grow based on the
whole food philosophy of and solid foundation established by Dr. Royal Lee in
1929. Our third-generation, family-owned company remains dedicated to making
high-quality, nutrient-dense therapeutic supplements, using cutting-edge
technology to validate our original formulas and new product solutions.

From our sustainable, certified organic
and exceptional
manufacturing facility at our Palmyra, Wisconsin
headquarters, to opening our Nutrition Innovation Center in Spring of 2018
at the Kannapolis, North Carolina Research Campus, Standard Process has become
a leader in clinical science and product innovation. Ongoing investments in
these essential areas help us ensure that health care professionals and
patients receive optimal benefits from our products, including the recent
launch of Hemp Oil Complex™ and Canine Hemp Oil Complex™ as featured in this

In closing, I want to extend our deepest appreciation to our Standard Process practitioners and their patients for their exceptional brand loyalty over the years. Together, we are helping countless people achieve their health goals through nutrient-rich, whole food solutions.

Charlie DuBois, Standard Process President and CEO

Source: Standard Process

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