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10 things to sell in your practice as gifts during the holiday season

A person receiving a chiropractic gift

Offering a selection of health and wellness gifts at your practice this holiday season offers two distinct benefits.

First, it’s a great way to give your annual revenues a little (or big) push at the end of the calendar year, especially since Americans are expected to spend $720.89 billion on Christmas gifts in 2018 according to Investopedia, a slight increase over the $717.45 billion spent the year before.

Second, by offering a line of products designed to help patients improve the health and wellness of their family and friends this holiday season, you’re playing a positive role in the gift giving process, encouraging those who may not even be your patients to look after their bodies and minds.

What types of chiropractic gifts send this type of message, making them a wonderful addition to your current product lines during the holiday season?

1. Warm and cold compresses

Heat can reduce joint stiffness and ease muscle spasms while cold reduces swelling, inflammation, and pain according to Johns Hopkins, making both warm and cold compresses good gifts for loved ones who are struggling with these two issues due to injury or chronic disease. You can even offer a couple of different styles or sizes for each or create gift baskets which contain both.

2. Foam rollers

Research has found that foam rollers offer benefits related to increased range of motion and improved muscle performance. That makes this gift option great for active family members and friends who want to improve their game. However, foam rollers are also helpful for anyone who would benefit from being able to move around with more ease.

3. Topicals

If your patients are concerned about a loved one’s use of opioids for pain, topicals would be an amazing gift to give as one 2018 study found that almost one-half (49 percent) of those who used topicals for chronic pain had completely discontinued their use of opioids after three months. Package some of your best sellers together and put them in a festive bag or basket perfect for gift giving.

4. Aromatherapy

Though research is limited, the Mayo Clinic shares that aromatherapy can potentially help ease anxiety and depression, improve sleep, reduce pain, and improve quality of life. What better way for your patients to say “I love you” to those on their gift lists this holiday season than to give them a product that offers all of these benefits?

5. Stress relief gift baskets

More than three out of every four people (77 percent) regularly experience some type of physical response to the stressors in their lives according to the American Institute of Stress. That makes a gift basket full of stress relievers (like a relaxation CD, soothing eye mask, and an aromatherapy air diffuser with some scents) a gift that would be appreciated by just about everyone, even coworkers or employees.

6 Nutritional supplement packages

Sometimes people want to feel better, but aren’t quite sure which supplements or combination of supplements will likely provide the best results. That makes the holidays a great time to pair two or more of your top sellers in each category (energy, vitality, stress relief) together in one convenient-to-buy holiday package designed to promote the gift recipient’s health.

7. Water bottles

In June 2018, the filtered water system provider Quench released the results of a study revealing that 77 percent of Americans reported that they did not drink enough water each day to adequately meet their healthcare needs. Offering a gift option which includes a water bottle—maybe one with an inspirational saying or holiday theme—is one way for the fit giver to remind the recipient to get in his or her daily requirement of H2O.

8. Exercise bags

One of the top New Year’s resolutions in 2018, according to Statista, was to get more exercise, a goal which can also improve individuals’ musculoskeletal health. Therefore, selling bags that can hold workout clothes and towels are gifts which can help the giver better support the receiver’s goal. You could also package the water bottle and exercise bag together for a more complete exercise-related gift.

9. Journals

The University of Rochester Medical Center reports that journaling offers a number of wellness benefits. These include easing stress, anxiety, and depression, while also helping the writer better identify the triggers that often bring about these types of emotions so they can work to effectively overcome them. Enable the gift givers who visit your practice to improve the mental health of their loved ones by supplying a few different journal sizes and styles, each as unique as the person who will receive them.

10. Gift certificates

You already know that your patients understand the value of chiropractic, so why not help them share that value with others by using the holiday season to promote the benefits you offer? Whether they purchase the gift certificate for a new patient or someone who has been coming to you for ages, there is no greater present than the opportunity to live a longer, healthier life.

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